nikki-dining-249x300Who Is Nikki?

I’m Nikki Burnett and I’m a functional nutritionist. So, what does that mean? That means I’ve spent a large part of my life researching nutrition and how it plays a role in our everyday life. During that time, I spent my professional life working in the medical field, which gives me a unique perspective on holistic care. I’ve spent a large amount of time in physician offices, in many surgery cases, as well as the business side of medicine. I believe it is very important to have all practitioners on board and communicating with each other, about you and your case.

I made the decision to move into Functional Nutrition because I believe we function as whole organisms, not just pieces are parts. Working with one part of the body because that is where the symptoms appear, does not necessarily ensure good health, nor that we’re finding the root cause of where the symptoms originate.

The name of my practice – Taste Life Nutrition – inspires in me what I hope to inspire in others. Food is life. Food is a fundamental necessity in life and food is amazing! To taste life is to taste the food that communicates with our cells and our DNA. Clean, unbroken food literally communicates a clean, unbroken message at the cellular level, and the body responds. When we eat unclean food there is an unclean, broken message delivered to our cells and DNA. The cells don’t know how to respond and they send out alarm signals. These alarm signals have the ability to change our DNA. Think about that for a minute – Food can CHANGE our DNA.

The people that come to me looking for guidance range from those searching for the best foods that suit their body to those who are chronic and searching for answers that are yet to be found.

This is where Functional Nutrition comes in. Functional Nutrition means I look at the body at a much deeper level by utilizing functional lab testing. These labs may be blood, urine, hair, saliva, or stool. We can even look at genetics and epigenetics. This gives us a unique view of the true state of your body and takes out much of the guesswork.

Always Learning…

My goals is to serve my clients with all that I have access to. Besides my education and research, I attend continuing education conferences and seminars regularly. These aren’t nutritionist specific but geared toward all those involved in integrative health – MDs, DOs, NDs, PTs, nurses, chiropractors, acupuncturists, dieticians, and nutritionists – all with a goal to better themselves and their understanding of cutting edge technologies, professional supplements, and new and emerging data in the field of health and wellness.

When my clients make the decision to work with me, they make the decision to invest in their health for the rest of their life. We don’t only work with superficial symptoms but dig deep into the causes. I think of myself as a detective – I look for clues, dig for answers, and put pieces of a large puzzle together to find the best path to achieve individual goals. This doesn’t mean it’s easy, but it works.

I work with a wide variety of clients – fertility, hormone balancing, autoimmunity, gut health, blood sugar balance, weight management, cardiovascular health – all are common in my practice and all have their similarities and their unique set of circumstances. I spend a great deal of time on a client’s case, beyond the time I spend with each client. Research on every case is a necessity, and that’s what my clients deserve.

Why I Do What I Do…

I’ve battled with food. I’ve battled with the lack of understanding what the right food is for me. My family has struggled with weight issues, autoimmune disease, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and strokes. As with many families these days, I’ve experienced loss of life due to preventable illness. I made the decision, somewhere along the road, that the battle shouldn’t be with the food or with myself, but with all of the misinformation on how to eat a healthy diet and live a healthy lifestyle.

The time finally came when I realized it was time to leave corporate America and follow my heart. Practicing Functional Nutrition gives me the ability to work with people as individuals. No one is the same, not even in the same family. To assume one way of life works for all people is a sad, simplistic view on the complexity of the body, the environment, genetics, food, and many other factors. A one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition ignores the most important factor – biochemical individuality.
As a nutritionist, I believe in testing, not guessing. Using the scientific details provided through functional testing, I can identify and selectively target the client’s problem areas. Therefore, my clients realize a highly efficient solution to their issues not provided by the ‘trial and error’ methodology.

I’ve found comfort in my role in the world. I’m unbelievably excited to experience all that happens from here!!