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Furry Family Members – The Question…What About Canned Dog Food?

We talk a lot about kibble and the dangers associated with it. Often I get the question, "What about canned dog food? Is it  better than kibble?" Here's the issue with canned dog food...often the cans are lined with bisphenol A (BPA). As consumers, we tend to think about these things for ourselves and our [...]

Eustachian Tube Massage

It can hit anyone at any age - children and adults alike - and result in anything from mild discomfort to severe pain. We're talking about congestion, that miserable clogged headachy feeling due to upper respiratory illness, ear infection, or allergies. It's often due to inflammation and fluid in the Eustachian tube, a canal that [...]

Fight Cough and Cold With Osha Root Extract

Few herbs go by as many names as Osha Root (Ligusticum porteri). This traditional Native American medicinal plant is also known as Bear Root, Chuchupate, Indian Parsley, Wild Celery Root, and Colorado Cough Root. A member of the parsley family, it has been used to treat respiratory and digestive conditions for centuries. Osha contains antiviral [...]

Can You ‘Bee’ Healthy with Royal Jelly?

For centuries, traditional healers have used Royal Jelly to address a wide range of concerns - from muscle aches to infections - longevity to virility. Today, it's marketed as a nutritional supplement, health food, and a topical ingredient in cosmetics. The theory behind this widespread use stems from the purpose Royal Jelly (RJ) serves in [...]

Quinoa Salad With Fennel and Arugula

Ingredients:  1 cup cooked quinoa 6 cups baby arugula 2 small fennel bulbs, thinly sliced, thinly sliced 1 red bell pepper, thinly sliced 1/2 cup toasted pine nuts 2 tablespoons lemon juice 1 teaspoon lemon zest 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper 1 ounce Parmigiano Reggiano [...]

Fennel adds Healthy Flavor to Your Cooking

Used as a medicinal herb for thousands of years, Fennel (foeniculum vulgare) improves digestion, supports detox, and treats symptoms associated with respiratory illness. While many varieties of fennel are cultivated today - all related to wild fennel, which is native to Mediterranean countries - the most widely used form is Sweet Fennel. Raw or cooked, [...]

Prevent & Treat Colds Naturally

The common cold: drippy nose, nagging cough, sore throat, clogged sinuses, and congestion. It's miserable, spreads quickly (person-to-person or through the air), affects people of all ages, and hits nearly any time of the year, but especially in the spring and fall. It's the most prevalent type of upper respiratory infection (URI) and is caused [...]

Furry Family Members – Vaccinating

If you know me at all, you know that I don't like to vaccinate. I've said it before - there is NO data to support giving a dog (or cat) a yearly cycle of vaccines. it is hard on the body, hard on the immune system. Consistent up-regulation of the immune system can only create [...]

Wild Salmon with Lentils and Mustard-Herb Butter (Saumon aux Lentilles)

In this entree, salmon's strong flavor gets a lemony-pop from mustard-herb butter. The French green lentils add texture and flavor not found with brown lentils. Combined with tarragon, leeks and chives, you have a robust healthy meal that looks pretty on your plate. Makes 4 servings Ingredients For mustard-herb butter 5 Tbs unsalted, grass-fed butter, softened [...]

Love Those Lentils!

Around the world, people enjoy the health benefits of lentils, part of a group of proteins known as pulses, which also includes beans, peas, chickpeas. Naturally gluten-free, lentils are rich in dietary fiber, protein, calcium, potassium, zinc, and iron. They help lower cholesterol and are a great addition to the diet especially for people diagnosed [...]