What does autoimmune disease have to do with the gut? EVERYTHING!

First, what is autoimmune disease? Essentially, it’s your body over-reacting and attacking itself. What causes autoimmune disease? Genetics is a small piece of the puzzle but our genetics don’t dictate our outcomes. We have the ability to modify gene expression through the foods we eat, exercise, environment, stress, lifestyle choices, etc. This is called epigenetics.

With that said, our gut is central to weather certain genes will express themselves and trigger an autoimmune response. If we keep our gut healthy, maintain a healthy gut microbiome, and treat our bodies with respect, it is unlikely an autoimmune condition will peak its pesky little head. But, once one does, the likelihood of others popping up significantly increases. Certain microbes have the ability to trigger autoimmune disease so making sure we are not harboring these microbes is important.

Through testing, food modification, and lifestyle alterations, we can find your best place of health. Functional testing is key to understanding who you are at a deeper level and dealing with deficiencies or imbalances that are creating your frustrations. Functional testing can be performed through blood, saliva, fecal, breath, or urine tests. They are simple and take away much of the guesswork. This allows me to work with you as an individual instead of guessing what might be best for you. In time, this saves time, frustration, and money. We get to the root cause in a much more expedient manner which brings you closer to your best health.

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