pregnant bellyA Harvard study showed that women who made five or more lifestyle changes, including specific changes to their diets, had more than 80% decrease in risk of infertility.

It’s important to understand the role of nutrition in fetal development, birth, and growth. Food is the building block for every action and reaction in the body. This includes the hormones that affect the processes of reproduction and birth, as well as the ability to produce healthy egg and sperm. Weight, whether over or under, can also influence the ability to conceive.

Dr. Catherine Shanahan says it best: “Food is like a language, an unbroken information stream that connect every cell in your body to an aspect of the natural world. The better the source and the more undamaged the message when it arrives to the cells, the better health will be.”

A couple’s pre-conception nutrition has the ability to affect your children and your children’s children, and beyond.

Conception and birth is nothing short of a beautiful miracle, but it’s not always easy. Finding balance in the bodies of both parents is necessary to create and maintain a pregnancy, and a perfect little person. I can help you find this balance whether you’re just beginning the journey or you’re facing challenges in conception.

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