Are you at your best? Do you feel your best? Are you performing your best? The famous quote “Health is Wealth” hits the nail on the head!

I’d venture to say we all have something we can work on, including me. The key is working smarter not harder. Diets are no good. What your best friend or significant other does to keep healthy, lose weight, or work out may not work as well for you. Exercise is very individual as well. We are individuals, biochemically unique from all others around us. There is no one else like you or like me, which means we need different things to find health and maintain health. Our genetics tell us our best foods and exercise regimens. Believe it or not, there is a genetic test that can give us this information!

I’ve come to learn something interesting about myself. I was put here to help people succeed in finding their own personal best place in health. My job is to be a guide but my direction comes from you because if you listen to your body, you will know where to go. That may take some time, and that’s ok. As a society, we’ve lost the connection to our bodies and we’re unable to hear it when it’s telling us something important.

Along with learning to listen to your body, using functional testing allows me to quickly find imbalances and work with you as an individual instead of guessing what might be best for you. In time, this saves time, frustration, and money. We get to the root cause in a much more expedient manner which brings you closer to your best health.

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