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The Right Food for the Right Mood

cutting red peppers“Have you ever had an exciting meal that left you in a funk an hour later? Or, you were in a funk then ate a healthy meal and your mood totally changed? Maybe you didn’t think about it then but hopefully, after reading this, you will in the future.

For clarity, let’s talk about what food is to your body. We often see food as a way to fill our belly; it’s social and fun; for some, it’s like heaven. For others, it can feel like an evil trick. Food, at its essence, is a language. The nutrients within tell our cells and genes what to do. If we eat healthy food, there is a clean line of communication to our cells and genes. If we eat unhealthy food, there is a broken line of communication and our cells and genes become confused. This miscommunication is often the beginning of dis-ease. …”

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Food and Fertility

hands holding berries“Many of us grow up with the expectation of having a family. When the time comes, and pregnancy becomes difficult, there are a million things that may go through one’s head.

With the vast amount of information in the world regarding all facets of health and wellness, understanding fertility can be daunting. We are all unique and there is no one size fits all solution.

Here, we will discuss general guidelines, but it is important to seek guidance from a professional who will treat you as the unique individual you are. …”

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Meet Trailblazer Nikki Burnett, Functional Nutritionist

Nikki picking an eggplant“I grew up in small-town Texas. As long as I can remember, I wanted to be a veterinarian – I never considered anything else. Even as I went through college, then grad school (at “The Cowboy Capital of the World”) all I wanted to do was play with horses – so that’s how I started my early career – playing with horses and helping manage a premier breeding operation where we held the breeding horses for a major country singer.

Then one day, as I walked through the barns dirty and sweaty, it hit me – ‘Is this REALLY what I want to do with my life??’ Ugh! So now what am I going to do?…”

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