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Our Programs

Would you like to shed those stubborn pounds so you can fit into your skinny jeans?

Are you seeking more energy so you can perform your best at work and play with your kids?

Do you wish you could eliminate gut issues so you can focus on life and not on your pain, or the need to locate a bathroom?

As a graduate of the Nutrition Therapy Institute and a longtime proponent of healthy living, Nikki Burnett is passionate about providing customized functional nutrition programs to address her clients’ unique needs. She continues to receive ongoing training through The Institute for Functional Medicine.

Nikki offers multiple programs to help maximize your health. She looks forward to helping you with one or more of the following:

Talking to patient

We offer two program lengths:

Four Month Program

Intended for those looking to optimize their health

Six Month Program

Intended for those with more complex symptoms and needs

These 4-to-6-month programs include the following:

  • Fill out the comprehensive Functional Nutrition Analysis.
  • Meet to discuss analysis to understand needs and goals.
  • Discuss and order necessary labs – individualized to each client.
  • Develop an individualized plan based on specific needs, goals, symptoms, and lab results.
  • We work in a phased approach by addressing the root cause first and allowing the body to balance.
  • We look at food, lifestyle, sleep, toxic load, detoxification, stress, trauma, work/life balance, etc.
  • We have check-ins as needed (phone, Zoom, email, Marco Polo), so you can make changes as necessary throughout your journey. The goal is to be your partner as you move through the process of optimizing your health.
  • There are many resources and documents that will be shared based on the needs of each person.


This is a continuation for anyone who has moved through either of the one-to-one consulting programs. Often, we see there is still work to be done, but less support is needed. We have 30-minute monthly meetings for whatever is still necessary. Supplements, labs, symptoms, new needs, and new goals may be reviewed.

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