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At Taste Life Nutrition, Functional Nutritionist Nikki Burnett Functional Nutritionist Nikki Burnett is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. With a whole-person approach, Nikki will make sure that you uncover the source of your symptoms and your unique needs through detailed laboratory testing. Once determined, you’ll discuss the right plan to help you reach your desired outcomes.

The many concerns that Nikki often works with are detailed below.

General Nutrition

You might not be ill or have a particular health concern. But perhaps you know you could still feel overall healthier and do better for yourself. In such a case, functional nutrition can ensure that you perform at your highest levels and enjoy your greatest asset-abundant health.


The basis of who you are stems from your genetic makeup. Understanding your genes can play an essential role in getting healthy and maintaining your well-being. When we cross-reference your laboratory testing with raw data to understand which pathways in your body aren’t functioning as they should, you can control your genetic destiny!

Gut Health

Your gut is the gateway to health. Your body is a connected system, not separate parts. If you have any type of condition or dysfunction, it relates to your gut and the inflammatory process that is created when your digestive system health is compromised. We can restore the balance to your gut through lifestyle modifications and advice.


The incredible results of multiple lifestyle changes can mean up to an 80% decrease in infertility. Nutrition is a building block of fetal development, growth and birth, responsible for every action in the body. Hormones are no exception, which may require balancing for you to conceive and carry out a healthy pregnancy.

Autoimmune Disease

You don’t have to accept struggling with an autoimmune disease. When your body overreacts and attacks itself, you have the choice to change your outcome. With your lifestyle choices, the food you eat, exercise, stress and environment, you can actually modify your gene expression, which is referred to as epigenetics.

Cardiovascular Health

Just because cardiovascular disease runs in your family doesn’t mean you have to accept that it’s written in your genetics. Genetics is just a small piece of the puzzle, and you can modify your gene expression through your nutrition, stress, lifestyle choices and more.

Weight Management

If you are concerned about the number you see when you step on the scale, know that there are numerous factors that can lead to weight gain or weight loss. It’s vital to understand who you are inside and out to know how best to help you reach your goals.

Blood Sugar Management

Blood sugar affects everyone, not just people who are overweight. When you have high blood sugar, it creates a domino effect of changes to your body’s function. It may lead to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, damage the nervous system and have other harmful effects. You can overcome having high or low blood sugar through your personalized program.

Canine Nutrition

With a master’s degree in animal science, Nikki is passionate about making sure the furry members of your family enjoy the best of health. She’ll assist you in developing the proper diet of fresh, healthy, real foods for your dog, removing kibble and canned food that is toxic and damaging.

Hormonal Imbalance

Hormone testing for women and men is available at Taste Life Nutrition. The testing also allows us to look at detoxification to find out if you’re eliminating hormones properly. Through the testing, she also can look at some epigenetic markers that can have an impact on our neurotransmitters and adrenal hormones. The results give us important insight into what’s happening with your hormones and health.


At Taste Life Nutrition, we’re committed to making available to you the highest quality, health-promoting products that help you feel and look your best! Nikki Burnett selected the following ones for their superior quality and excellent results.

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