The battle shouldn’t be with the food or with yourself, but with the misinformation about food and what it means to be truly healthy.

Weight is not just a number on a scale. There are many influencing factors that create weight gain or weight loss. These factors can be environmental, lifestyle, psychological, stress, toxic load, hormones, microbial, genetic, diet, and more. When it comes to weight control, it’s a matter of understanding who you are, inside and out, and understanding your goals and what is necessary for your body, not what is best for someone else’s body. We are unique and beautiful in our own way and we need to treat ourselves that way.

There are a number of labs to help determine why your weight is where it is, whether you are over weight or under weight. Remember, it’s important to understand the “Why”. Your goal may be to lose weight, but my goal is to bring balance back to your body. Then, the weight loss or weight gain will happen.

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