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5 Things You Didn't Know About Dairy

dairy milkIf we drink a few glasses of milk each day, we’re getting the recommended amount of calcium in our diets, right?


Today, too much misinformation on dairy is running wild—and we’re here to put a stop to some of those rumors and offer tips for how you can still enjoy dairy the healthy way.

1. Calcium – It is a myth that milk provides adequate calcium, particularly pasteurized milk, which is almost all we have access to. Pasteurization renders most of the calcium nonabsorbable. Calcium is found in a lot of leafy greens which is a very healthy, absorbable form of calcium.

Consuming too much calcium can be damaging – specifically in supplement form. When you have too much calcium in the body without the proper co-factors (which are many!), your body will store it in tissues instead of utilizing it. This can result in calcified deposits in the arteries, brain and elsewhere.

2. Most dairy is dead food. Why? The process of pasteurization heats the product, therefore killing any good bacteria, enzymes, and nutrients that could benefit us. It also changes the structure of the fat and protein and the body doesn’t recognize it as food.

3. Raw dairy DOES have probiotics, enzymes, nutrients, and calcium in it, and for some, may be a beneficial food – but not for everyone. You can find these at health food stores like Whole Foods.

4. Grass-fed, raw dairy also contains a specific fatty acid called conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which helps to create lean muscle tissue. The same is also true for grass-fed meat. Conventional milk and meat contain very little, if any CLA.

5. The latest rage in milk? Camel milk! Though not available widely yet, it can be purchased from raw camel milk producers.

Want to learn more about dairy and other ways your body could benefit from focused nutritional support? Contact us today to schedule your appointment. We’ll dive deep to uncover exactly what your body needs.

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