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Fertility in Denver

Talking to patientDid you know that small alterations could add up to tremendous results when it comes to fertility? According to a Harvard study, women who made five or more lifestyle changes had more than an 80% decrease in their infertility risk!
These changes included nutrition, which plays a vital role in fetal development, growth and birth. The food we eat is the building block for any action or reaction in your body. The hormones that affect conception, reproduction and birth are certainly no exception. Your weight, whether over or under, will also influence whether you can conceive.

Affecting Generations of Your Future Family

Dr. Catherine Shanahan said it best: “Food is like a language, an unbroken information stream that connects every cell in your body to an aspect of the natural world. The better the source and the more undamaged the message when it arrives at the cells, the better health will be.”

A couple’s pre-conception nutrition has the ability to affect their children, their grandchildren and beyond. Conception and birth are nothing short of a miracle. It’s not, however, always easy. Finding balance in the bodies of both the mother and father is necessary to create and maintain a pregnancy and your perfect little person. Functional nutrition can assist you in finding this balance, whether you are just starting your journey or have long faced conception challenges.

How Functional Nutrition Can Help You

It’s Nikki’s goal to find the root cause or causes of your fertility struggles. She will order the necessary laboratory testing to look at your hormone levels and other essential aspects of your health that affect your body, such as food sensitivities. When the results come back, we’ll know how best to bring balance to your body. Nikki’s recommendations may include avoiding certain foods, cleaning up your diet or taking supplements.

When the balance is restored to your body, it can work on its own and be free from the inflammatory processes that might be preventing you from being able to have a baby. Your organ systems will be repaired where necessary and your overall function can improve.

Already Expecting?

If you’re already pregnant, congratulations! You’ve been able to start growing your baby. But maybe now you want to know how to keep it going to ensure that your pregnancy continues and your baby has the best possible chance at proper growth and development. Nikki can work with you throughout your pregnancy.

Your Functional Medicine Analysis for Fertility

button functional healthTo understand your particular needs, we use the LivingMatrix profile. When you fill out this analysis, we can uncover the events and influences in your life that have affected your health. We’ll identify patterns, triggers, correlations and mediators that serve as vital clues in how best to help you.

Learn More During Your Free Consultation

Whether you’re trying to get pregnant or are already expecting, we’re here to support you. If you have questions about fertility Denver, Nikki is here to answer them. Contact her today to book your free 15-minute Health is Wealth consultation!



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