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At Taste Life Nutrition, we’re committed to making available to you the highest quality, health-promoting products that help you feel and look your best! Whether you want to boost your nutrition, improve your gut health, boost your fertility, or test for food sensitivities, we offer solutions that work! Nikki Burnett selected the following companies and products for their superior quality and excellent results.

Well ProZ- Order Your Labs

Well ProZOur practice is able to offer clinical lab testing, practitioner-grade supplements, our own services and more with shipping, fulfillment, and logistics in a single platform.

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FullscriptAccess Nikki’s advice, healthcare’s best supplements and wellness products, plus tools for healthy habits—from any location. You can also stay on track with refill reminders.

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Whole Scripts

wholescriptsWholeScripts offers exclusive XYMOGEN® formulas and the top 100 practitioner-trusted brands to support all your wellness needs. Get access to the products Nikki trusts. On orders of $100 or more, you can enjoy free shipping. Plus, you can get repeat deliveries with WholeScripts.

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EMF Rocks

EMF Rocks logoThe best gift, is the gift of a deep, uninterrupted night’s sleep. Our Grounding Bags give you that benefit. Sleep is when we produce melatonin and other hormones to repair and restore our life force. When we get into a deeper Delta brainwave state of 1-4Hz or waves/second, that is when the dreams become vivid and the highest production of melatonin occurs.

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Double Helix Water

Double helix water logoIt is a relatively new discovery in the field of water and health that is used to improve well-being and energy. It has been clinically shown to improve your body’s immune system as well as fight inflammation*.

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Green Compass

green compass logoAfter witnessing the remarkable healing power of hemp, a medicinal plant, Green Compass wanted to pass on the goodness to others. This company harnesses the healing properties of hemp in the healthiest way possible—clean and organic. CBD products are available to address sleep, stress, recovery and joint support, immune support, and digestive support.

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Resona Logo
Resonance Frequency Therapy for People and Pets
Ultra low resonance frequencies that relieve our most common ailments

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Therasage logo


Their Vision was the dream of bringing unique healthy infrared healing energy to the public in easy to use and affordable, high quality products

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