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As a Functional Nutritionist, it’s my job to look at every aspect of health – physical, mental, emotional, environment, and community. I also know that I am not an expert in all areas. For this reason, I work with experts in other fields in order to coordinate care and give the best possible to each of my clients. I also believe it’s important to get information from reputable resources. Below is a list of people that I trust to care for my clients as well as websites that I believe are the best places to go for information.



Sarah Eisenbud, MA LPCC – Owner, Denver Narrative Therapy Project

Sarah provides collaborative counseling the empowers individuals, couples, and groups.

The world that we live in can tell us troubling stories about ourselves and we can often internalize these narratives. Please consider this an invitation to a different kind of conversation and to re-define your relationships with these stories and discover what possibilities exist beyond their limiting influences. To explore, to heal and to thrive and be in the world in new ways. Whether in therapy, learning contexts or through business consultation, Sarah can help.

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Amber Hollis – Owner/Medical Director/Acupuncture/Herbal Medicine, The Vitality Center

 At The Vitality Center, our desire is to transform as many lives as possible. We believe that when someone experiences vitality they will never be the same, never except a lower standard of health and are better because of it. We strive to show people what their life could be like, then we send them back into the world willing and able to offer their best self to those they love, their hobbies, their job and their life. We believe that you are worth it.


Ty Carzoli – Owner/Chiropractor, Denver Upper Cervical Chiropractic

We want to achieve and maintain spinal correction for each practice member with the fewest number of adjustments possible over the course of a lifetime. We achieve this long term maintenance not by calling for a high volume of office visits, but by focusing intensely on specificity in analysis and adjustment delivery. We like to remind our practice members: the best surgeon isn’t the one making the most incisions.

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Physical Therapy

The Physio Revolution

Brooke Olsen, PT DPT Cert-APHPT

At the The Physio Revolution we love to help people in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and above, get back to living life the way they deserve. Which, for most, means you can live free from pain killers, multiple doctor visits, and sitting sidelined from what you love to do, without the fear of pain holding you back.

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Brittany Hopkins – Owner/Yoga Teacher Container Collective Yoga & Bikes

Empowering aspiring and experienced yogis and bicyclist alike, Container Collective offers people a place to meet and engage with one another. In Lakewood, yoga studios and bike shops are plentiful but, with our yoga classes for beginners and advanced yogis, as well as offering one of the best teacher training programs, and bike repair service in Lakewood there is no place quite like the Container Collective.

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Joe Beasley – Owner/Personal Trainer, Fitness Logic

With the Fitness Logic Method, you can expect to “feel” results by the third or fourth workout. By feel we mean that you will feel firmer to the touch, stronger and more capable in the activities of your daily life. Weight loss will be dependent on your eating habits but remember that strong healthy muscles are the fat burning machines of the body.

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Healthy Meals

Emily Green – Owner, Cibo Meals

Cibo (chee-bo) is the Italian word for food. We are a fun and convenient way to spice up your dinners and lunches with fresh, creative, and internationally-inspired meals delivered right to your home or office in reusable, environmentally friendly Mason jars. Cibo Meals is a new alternative to other meal delivery services, restaurants, and fast-food options. We are here to offer you la bella vita (the good life) in your meal choices!

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Nina Hendricks – Director of Marketing & Sales

Sparrow Kitchen offers several different prepared meal plans to fit your schedule, needs and wants . We specialize in simply delicious down to earth food that is available for pickup or delivery. We work with your diet and budget to come up healthy and delicious meal solutions, making your life just a little bit easier.

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Lowell Wightman

Lowell Wightman – CEO/President, 360 Mindset

360 Mindset is a Mental Conditioning and Performance Enrichment consulting practice that specializes in project facilitation, individual and group performance enrichment and sustainability studies. Professionals from varied interests have benefited from the authentic and collaborative service provided.

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