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Blood Sugar Management in Denver

Nikki talking with clientYou’ve heard all about blood sugar. But you may not know what the big deal is about it or how it influences your well-being. It is, however, a vital issue that affects thin people and those who are overweight. Having high blood sugar can lead to several serious and adverse effects in your body:

  • Attaches to proteins and damages their function
  • Can damage your nervous system
  • Can lead to insulin resistance, diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease
  • Changes your LDL cholesterol to small, dense, oxidized cholesterol
  • Creates inflammation of your endothelial cells

Where Type II Diabetes Comes In

Most people may not realize that your Type II diabetes isn’t a problem that has to do with blood sugar. Instead, there is a problem with insulin and leptin signaling, which in turn will increase your blood sugar. The conventional treatment approach is to concentrate solely on lowering your blood sugar levels. This option, however, addresses only your symptoms rather than the underlying cause and can lead to more issues further down the road.

Our clients appreciate that we’re helping them seek out real solutions that address the source of their problems. No more having to deal solely with your symptoms!

Everything Is Connected

Working on your blood sugar levels doesn’t mean that we won’t also address your cardiovascular health or any other area that needs work. Everything in your body is connected. Issues with your blood sugar might mean your hormones are imbalanced or you have inflammation in your body. We can work concurrently on these problems to make sure you reach the best possible level of health.

Understanding Blood Sugar

Nikki wants you to know that just because high or low blood sugar runs in your family, it doesn’t mean you’re doomed to that same fate. Did you know that genetics is only a piece of the puzzle? Your gene expression can be modified through your exercise, stress, environment, food and lifestyle choices. This fascinating field is referred to as epigenetics. You can take control of your health regardless of what your family history is. It’s true for blood sugar management as well as a broad range of other common concerns.

As a functional nutritionist, Nikki wants to help your body find balance. Through functional testing, we can uncover the source of your blood sugar issues and create an individualized program that works for you.

Your Functional Medicine Analysis for Blood Sugar

button functional healthYour body is capable of functioning at a normal, healthy level. To help you get there, we’ll gather the necessary information from the LivingMatrix profile that you fill out. From this program, we can determine the events, influences and patterns in your life that affect your well-being. Armed with the proper information, we can create a personalized plan that works for you.

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