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Cardiovascular Health Denver

Nikki in the garden picking fresh veggiesThe Center for Disease Control cites cardiovascular disease as the greatest killer of men and women in the U.S. An astounding 25% of deaths are due to heart disease, totaling 600,000 lives taken each year. Medical advances in the field continue. There is, however, a lack of understanding about the role nutrition plays in cardiovascular disease. There are misunderstandings, theories, agendas, politics and biomechanical individuality that are associated with this complicated knowledge system.

At Taste Life Nutrition, we want to take the confusion out of how to improve and manage your cardiovascular health. Even if you have a family history of cardiovascular problems, we’ll talk to you about how to take control and ensure that you don’t become a part of the dramatic statistics discussed above.

What We’ve Been Told

Though cardiovascular disease is highly researched, much of the information we get may be misleading. Sources such as the media, doctors, friends and family or dietitians are more than happy to tell you what you should be eating if you want to avoid a heart attack or stroke. Around and around like a broken record, these sources have spoken for years about how you need to have a low-fat diet with reduced saturated fat intake. This one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for everyone!

Why It’s Not Working

Despite the widespread nature of this belief, more and more people continue suffering from and dying due to heart attacks and strokes. We have become a nation of sick people that eat a low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet like the experts have told us to do. When our ancestors hunted and foraged, heart disease was unheard of. How has it become such a prolific killer in today’s world?

How to Change Your Genetic Destiny

Just because your family members suffer from a disease doesn’t mean you have to succumb to the same fate. Genetics are only a small part of the puzzle. Your gene expression can be altered through your lifestyle choices, environment, stress and more, which is referred to as epigenetics.

Nikki will help you find the balance that works for your body. With functional testing, we can determine who you are on a deep level. Any imbalances or deficiencies present can be identified and addressed. You may have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, an infection that is present or inflammatory process that is occurring. We’ll uncover the source of your health challenges and create a personalized program for you to alter your genetic destiny.

Your Functional Medicine Analysis for Cardiovascular Health

button functional healthWe want your body to function as it should. To determine what you require to achieve your goals, we’ll have you fill out the LivingMatrix profile. From this information, we can determine the influences, events and patterns in your life that are affecting your health. Your unique history will lead us in creating a plan to reach your desired level of health.

Learn More Today

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