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The Epigenetic Connection: Uncovering the Root Causes of Health Challenges

Podcast Episode Covers - Aug 2023Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and your health is in your own hands. In this episode, we’re speaking with Nikki Burnett about how functional medicine can help you overcome some of the limiting beliefs that are keeping you back from living your most vibrant life. Nikki shares her personal journey of overcoming health struggles and her mission to empower others on their own health journeys. During the conversation, Nikki discusses the importance of mindset and lifestyle choices in creating health and disease.


Win Win Women, Nancy White


“Today we have a special guest, and expert, Nikki Burnett, Functional Nutritionist and founder Taste Life Nutrition”

  • The language of Food
  • The power of epigenetics
  • Preconception planning

Brain Soul Success Show

Brain Soul Success thumbnailEmpowering Health with Functional Nutrition & Awareness

Inside this episode:

  • What is functional nutrition?
  • What is preconception planning and why is it important?
  • Why you need to become your own health detective and how Nikki can help
  • Ways to create more balance in your body
  • Understanding common toxins around us and how to substitute them with natural, healthier options


identity-of-health-podcastOn the Identity of Health Podcast, Nikki and Matt discuss gut health, gutpermeability Zonulin.

When we add toxins to our bodies through food, environment, and stress, it is creating an overproduction of Zonulin. Zonulin is a protein that modulates the permeability of tight junctions between cells of the wall of the digestive tract. These toxins and stressors are causing permeability in our gut and leading towards an inflammatory response. When we increase inflammation, we increase our immune response which is leading to autoimmune conditions. Learn about ways to control this response and improve our health by removing the toxins in and around us.

Learn more at



aging-happily-podcastEpisode 2 – How to Change Your Life By Changing Your Gut

What you’ll learn in this quick, 45 minute episode with Dr Brooke Olsen and Dr Annie Brodsky

  1. Discover a deeper understanding of why you have control over your health – (Hint: Only 5% of us don’t!)
  2. What are your “bad” genes and how do you stop them from turning on…
  3. Gain a better understanding of what it means to really age without pain holding you back

If you’re interested in other episodes, you can find them here,


AutoImmune Hour

The Autoimmune Hour thumbnailIs The Food You Eat Sabotaging Your Immune System? In this episode, Nikki is sharing with us how to

  • Understand the impact of nutrition and your genetics on your recovery,
  • Uncover patterns, triggers, and influences that are keeping you stuck,
  • Discover what hormones have to do with your immune system
  • Reveal if nutrition can play a part in your fertility struggles,

Plus so much more…


The Awakening Series:

Food is a Language
Foo is a language thumbnail


The Awakening Series:

Feeding Your Dog Kibble, Here’s What You Need to Know
Is Kibble shortening your dog's life thumbnail


The You World Order Showcase Podcast

The You World Order thumbnailEpisode 11 – Soulfull Conception – PurposeFull Living for a Healthy Body, a Healthy Pregnancy, and a Healthy Baby


Habits for Humans Podcast

tn-habits-for-humansCan Dogs Eat Raw Meat

5 Things your vet won’t tell you about raw feeding your pet.


The Warrior Arise! Podcast

The Warrior Arise thumbnailFreedom from Dis-ease and Debilitating Conditions to Live in Your Fullness

This episode leads you down the path to living an optimal, amazing life.

Walks us through how she overcome health struggles of her own to heal and thrive!
Shares how she discovered her passion and stepped into it. Explains how she helps people heal and thrive through functional nutrition. Talks about infertility, gi dysfunction, and auto-immune conditions and how she gets to the source to solve the problem.


The AutoImmune Hour

The Autoimmune Hour thumbnailCan I Have a Healthy Baby When I Have An Autoimmune?

In this episode, Nikki shares with us:

  • How even small changes in your nutrition can make a significant impact,
  • How your environment can affect your fertility,
  • What hormones have to do with your immune system, autoimmune and fertility,
  • Tips to consider when trying for a family plus much more…

Health Or High Water
Fitness and Wellness

HOHW-Nikki-Burnett-10-24-23-Health-Or-High-Water-Fitness-and-Wellness-Podcast-on-SpotifyOn this episode we have the great Nikki Burnett of Taste of Life Nutrition! We dive into her story of becoming her own health detective to her very own radio show. Nikki is full of amazing advice and experience. Must listen!


Her Talk Show with Sabrina Victoria

banner the language of food
Nikki is a Functional Nutritionist, Health Detective, Founder of Taste Life Nutrition, and creator of SoulFull Conception – PurposeFull Living for a Healthy Body, a Healthy Pregnancy, and a Healthy Baby. This is preconception planning for growing families as well as the future. It is also building a community of trusted practitioners to support their preconception journey.

She is also the host of Taste Life Nutrition Radio and Podcast.




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