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Canine Nutrition Denver

You want your pets to live long, healthy lives. They’re a part of your family, too. Their health and well-being are important to you. You know that real, fresh, healthy foods are best for you. But have you considered that this diet would also be best for the animal members of your family? The idea that certain foods are only “people foods” is untrue. No matter who is eating it, we should feed our families real foods.

The Right Foods for Your Dog

You can think of giving your dog hard kibble or canned food as you would giving your children fast food every day. It is damaging, toxic and will shorten the life of your furry family member.

Nikki can educate you on what foods to feed your animal. The big dog food companies would all have you believe that their food is healthy and balanced. There is no proof of this, however, and they use it as a marketing gimmick. Even the so-called “prescription” dog foods can be dangerous and need to be avoided.

Your Information Resource for Healthier Pets

Nikki holds a master’s degree in animal science. She stays updated on the fields of canine health and nutrition so that she can talk to her clients about the latest research. With making changes to their diet, you’ll see a transformation in your animal’s ears, eyes and attitude.

With the proper supplements, your dog can get what they need. Beware of many over-the-counter pet supplements that are full of unnecessary ingredients. The overall goal is to extend their lives and allow them to be happier for longer. With the changes Nikki will tell you about, you can notice a dramatic difference in your four-legged friend.

What Your Dog Needs

There is a surprising range of foods that your dog should have in their diet. Each dog should be eating a combination of meat, organs, bones, vegetables, some berries and garlic. Many people are surprised to learn that dogs can benefit from garlic in their food! There are certain things, of course, that they can’t have. We’ll be sure to go over the basics of that, too, so that your dog never eats anything that could be damaging.

Each of the above foods will give them the building blocks they need for a healthy body. If your dog is suffering from cancer, there is some evidence that a keto diet can reverse the disease process.

One of Nikki’s canine clients had allergies, skin issue and was overweight. Within two weeks, the dietary changes made cleared up all of her problems and she began to lose weight, getting back to a far healthier state with these simple alterations.

Set up Your Free Consultation

If you would like to learn more about canine nutrition Denver, contact Taste Life Nutrition today!

Nikki will be pleased to speak with you for a Health is Wealth consultation. If you decide to move forward following that conversation, we’ll set up an in-person meeting with you so that we can delve deeper into how Nikki can assist you.


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