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Health Optimization in Denver

a bowl of fresh fruit and veggiesDo you usually feel your best each day? Do you think that you’re performing at your peak? You know that the old quote “Health is Wealth” is true and don’t take it for granted. There is, however, something all of us would usually like to work on. The key is to work smarter instead of harder.

What your best friend or partner might do to stay healthy, lose weight or exercise may not work for you. Diet and exercise are individual, and you need a unique plan to discover your best health and maintain it. Through your genetics, you can learn what the best food and exercise regimen is for you. Fortunately, there is a test for that!

Get to Know Our Nutritionist

Nikki Burnett completed her education at The Nutrition Therapy Institute. She understands what it’s like to struggle with your health and not find answers from any of your doctors. That’s an important part of why she chose to study functional nutrition. Her personalized approach ensures that your body gets exactly what it needs. There are no one-size-fits-all plans at our office! Read more >>

“I’ve learned something about myself over the years. My purpose is to help people find their own personal best place for their health. Though I’ll guide you, you’re my director.” When you listen to your body, you’ll know exactly where to go. Being able to listen may take some time. You and Nikki will work through that together. As a society, we’ve lost much of the connection we have to our bodies and no longer hear it when it’s telling us something important.

Along with understanding your body’s signals to you, the functional testing Nikki uses allows her to uncover imbalances in your body. When your unique needs are discovered, you can be worked with on an individual basis. There is no cookie-cutter approach to functional nutrition. By getting to the root cause expediently, we can save you time, money and frustration.

When you understand your body, listen to it and know what you need, it will work at its optimal levels. You won’t need to face premature aging or using a cane or wheelchair when you reach your golden years. Instead, you’ll be able to avoid common health issues and be vital well into your 80s and 90s.

Your Functional Medicine Analysis for General Nutrition

button functional healthOur goal is to assist your body in functioning normally and healthily. To understand how best to help you, we’ll have you fill out the LivingMatrix profile. This analysis will uncover patterns, influences and events in your life that have affected your well-being. From this information, we can determine how to move forward with a protocol that will work for you.

Get Started Today

Let’s discover what your body is trying to tell you and use that information to make positive changes. Contact Nikki today to book your free 15-minute Health is Wealth consultation for general nutrition Denver!


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