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Meet Nikki Burnett, Founder & CEO of Taste Life Nutrition

Functional Nutrition Consultant for Professionals, Leaders, & Entrepreneurs

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Like most people, Nikki was raised on a diet of frozen macaroni and cheese. Nutrition wasn’t a dinner table topic, and she witnessed multiple family members lose their battles with preventable diseases that worsened or likely originated because of poor diet and lifestyle choices.

Nikki is a Denver Functional Nutritionist and Founder of Taste Life Nutrition – a Health Detective Practice

With nearly a decade in practice and over 25 years of education, Nikki has helped hundreds of clients rediscover their health after suffering from complicated health conditions, such as chronic pain, fatigue, brain fog, autoimmune conditions, and fertility struggles.

Nikki is passionate about helping YOU reach your optimum health. She digs to find the root cause of dysfunction, then addresses it step by step in a manageable, strategic, methodical manner to allow for repair and balance, so that you can thrive and achieve your next level of wellness.

“Health is Wealth,” as they say, and Nikki’s clients often experience transformations that directly impact their lifelong health and wellness. WE DO have control over our genetic destiny!

And, for those seeking to have children, preconception care creates optimal health that directly contributes to the health of the next 7 generations.

Today, Nikki is a Master of Science, Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner, Master Nutrition Therapist who specializes in

To stay up-to-date on the latest developments in her field, Nikki regularly attends conferences, classes, and seminars on cutting-edge technology, professional supplements, emerging data, and laboratory testing—the latter being one of her primary areas of focus. “Testing instead of guessing” is one of her mottos.

When she isn’t seeing clients, Nikki enjoys cooking, gardening, and exploring the outdoors with her husband, Lowrey, and their (adorable) dogs, Sage, Daisy, and Aspen.

If you’re ready to take back control of your health and discover how to nourish your body with the right foods for YOU, click the button below to schedule your COMPLIMENTARY 15-minute Health is Wealth Consultation with Nikki. She’ll answer all questions you have about functional nutrition and how it can change your life.



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