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Four Key Factors That Determine Health

Man and woman smiling while on a boatJuicing, taking vitamins, getting more sleep, slathering on sunscreen. The list goes on and on when it comes to measures people take to achieve health. Wondering what exactly determines the status of your health?

Four different factors have been identified: personal health behavior, physical environment, heredity influences, and the quality of health services available to you.

Here’s a look at each factor:

Health Behavior

Did you know that our health habits contribute to at least 50% of all major causes of death? Lifestyle habits dramatically impact one’s quality of health. Behaviors identified by researchers include diet, sleep, physical activity, weight, and use of tobacco and alcohol.

Physical Environment

The environment includes the places you work, live and play. The conditions of each environment directly affect health. From air quality to noise level, access to nutrient-dense food choices, and your living space, the physical environment plays a critical role in your health outcome.


Genetics influence particular disease factors which are passed down from parents. While heredity does play a role in some disease factors, in many cases, behavior and lifestyle choices can either decrease or increase the risk of such disease.

Health Services

This aspect refers to a person’s access to care, including the ability to reach a healthcare facility as well as having financial means. For example, a lack of health insurance likely will result in reduced access to care.

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