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When It Comes to Your Dog's Food, Take It Back to Basics

Nikki with her dogsNikki loves talking to people about what their pets need to stay healthy. It’s a real mind shift for most people when she discusses the need for our dogs to eat raw food.

But think of this: if you didn’t have a grocery store nearby and you needed food immediately, what would you do?

You can’t force your garden to grow quickly so that you can take in a harvest of vegetables. The only way for you to get immediate nutrition is to fish or hunt, catching something that you can eat right away.

Your Dog’s Instincts Tell You What’s Best

So, if your dog couldn’t eat kibble you bought at the store, what would they do? They’re not going to plant some veggies and wait for them to grow.

A dog would do what wolves in the wild do-go and catch a rabbit. They wouldn’t cook it over a fire, either; they’d eat the entire rabbit, including bones, fur, the soil on the rabbit, and the muscle meat, until they’re satisfied. Your dog knows how to naturally keep its body in check.

Raw feeding is really the best choice you can make for your pet. I’ve seen it make a tremendous difference in the lives of so many dogs.

In addition to raw feeding, I’d recommend you give your dog a little bit of raw honey. That’s not the plastic bear full of honey-it’s the thick kind that you usually find in a jar at the supermarket. You can even find it at your local farmer’s market or natural food store.

Honey is still sugar, so go easy-but a little bit will kill off bad gut bacteria and promote the growth of the good. That goes for you as well as for your pup!

Check out Nikki’s recent video for more information!

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