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Why Nikki Chose to Be a Health Detective

“I’m a health detective. Why? Because I first had to learn for myself, which started my journey so I could learn how to do it for others,” said Denver nutritionist Nikki Burnett.

fruit-and-chia-pudding-sq-400Every client teaches her something new to pass on to others. Some come to Nikki looking for a bit of guidance, but many come to her lost, in great need of answers, and looking for guidance to get out of their situation. Nikki is constantly amazed at the dedication, determination, resilience, and love each of them have.

Helping One Young Woman Reclaim Her Health & Life

“Lena was one of these people—at 18, no one should feel how she felt, and my heart broke for her and her mother. Her story shows the outcomes of hard work and dedication and the incredible impact food can have on our lives and bodies,” said Nikki.

We started by running labs. Functional lab testing can take about two weeks to get results. While we waited, we started with basics, giving up the five foods that have the potential to cause sensitivities and inflammation—wheat (gluten), dairy, eggs, soy, and corn.

In that time, Lena’s world changed. Many of her symptoms significantly decreased, and she became a normal teenager again.

Even more amazing—when her lab results arrived, we found that she had the potential for celiac disease and other autoimmune conditions.

Why is this important?

We likely stopped the progression toward autoimmune disease in its tracks!! Imagine the life she might have had in the constant battle of chronic disease vs. making the changes NOW to create a life full of health and vitality!

“Lena is now in nutrition school—that makes my heart so happy,” said Nikki.

Lena’s Story in Her Own Words

I started my recovery journey with Nikki when I was only 18; it changed my life. I had been very sick for about 3-4 years, struggling with the fact that my family and I didn’t even know what the problem was, but my health was declining alarmingly fast.

She suggested that I cut gluten, dairy, and soy out of my diet for one month to see if I improved (amongst many other medical analyses), and the results were shocking!

We discovered, thanks to her, that I cannot tolerate gluten, and amazingly, so many of my symptoms improved!

I cannot thank her enough for her help, and I know that my mother and I are eternally grateful. She goes above and beyond your average nutritionist to really get down to what’s making you sick and get you back to your healthy self!

Turning Health Struggles Into Life-Changing Victories

Unfortunately, Lena’s story is not unique. “So many are struggling and searching for answers. I see it in my practice every day. I also see victory in my practice every day,” said Nikki.

If you could use a health victory and want to boost your general nutrition, we want to help. Call (720) 864-1699 today to book a free 15-minute Health is Wealth consultation for general nutrition with Nikki!


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